Planning Your Visit


Once the walls are torn out and the framing is done, it will be time to do some plumbing! Let us take you through all the stages of construction. Feel free to create your wish list, using our handy form, or just use this as a guide to our conversations when you make an appointment.


    The very first decisions you need to make are what goes in the wall, or a good rule of thumb is – if it goes against a stud, it's part of the rough-in.

    Shower valves – these MUST match the brand of the trim you're going to have on the outside of the wall, so that is always the first decision you have to make – what will your shower look like and who is going to make the trim for it? We generally carry most rough-in valves in stock, but some may need to be ordered.

    So your choices are:

    1. What trim do you like? You can choose the faucet and then see if you like the trim, or vice versa. But the brand of your chosen trim is the brand of the valves in the wall. HOWEVER once the water is coming out of the wall, you can choose whatever showerheads, handshowers, etc you like – not brand specific.

    2. How many elements will you have in the shower? If more than one, then you will need a diverter valve and trim to go with it. Note: if more than 2 showerheads plus other, it is recommended to use 2 main control valves plus diverter.

    3. Do you want to control the temperature and pressure separately? Those choices determine valves and trim as well. Each brand treats this choice differently.

    Tubs and showers – If you are installing a new tub or tub/shower unit, this is part of the rough-in, as well as the drain to go with it. We carry many models on hand, but if they need to be ordered, this needs to be done right away.

    1. Bathtubs
    2. Tub/shower surrounds
    3. Shower surrounds or shower walls (if not tiling)
    4. Drain (does it need to match the faucets?)

    Roman tub fillers – Free-standing fillers usually have a rough-in structure – mounting block – to support and mix the water. If you're doing a tub deck, you will also need the mixing valves under that.

  2. SINKS

    If you are ordering your sinks from us, the countertop people often want to have the sinks delivered to them ahead of installation so that they can cut the countertops to fit. So, the sinks are the next category that need to be decided and ordered. Undermount? Drop-in? Apron-front? Vessel? Round? Square? Oval?...So many choices!

  3. TRIM – OUT

    The final stage of your remodel/construction for plumbing is the trim-out. This involves everything that goes on the countertop, the wall, the floor and anywhere else. Generally we need at least one month lead time to make sure everything is here in time for your installation.

    This is when you finally must decide on the following things:

    • Faucets – bathroom sink, kitchen sink, dispensers, and all the trim for the showers.
    • Toilets and seats
    • Free-standing tubs and filler trims

    And finally, the accessories. Usually matching the faucet collection, choose your towel bars, rings, hooks, TP holders. These are usually found within the collections themselves.